I have a "SAVALL" program to do this, along with options to RCLSTG and
RCLDLO, and a SIGNOFF or optionally an IPL when finished.
It assumes the backup will NOT require a tape change to continue (takes
default to Inquiry messages so it won't hang half way - although you can
change that if you plan to have someone change the tapes).

If anyone is interested in obtaining a copy, email me PRIVATELY !

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You could write a CL program to do this.  Here's a basic outline:

DLYJOB until you want it to start.
ENDSBS *ALL *IMMED to go to restricted state.
SAVSYS to save the system.
SAVLIB *NONSYS to save all non-system libs.
SAVDLO to save the QDLS file system.
SAV to save any other file systems you may have in the IFS.

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> Is there a way to have the System Console signed off upon completion of
the Save
> System?  The user is logged on to the system console Save Menu and using
> 21 save entire system and scheduled for a later time in the middle of
> Just do not want the terminal signed on when the save finishes.
> Also, what authority rights does the operator really need to do a
> System Save - must be able to back up all files/libraries and the IFS
> directories that are secured.

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