• Subject: Re: /400 skills test
  • From: Jeff Crosby <jlcrosby@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 18 May 2000 10:11:15 -0500
  • Organization: Dilgard Frozen Foods

"Schenck, Don" wrote:
> So ... if I *DO* know the significance of SFLNXTCHG ... I'm gold.
> But if I suck at ... say ... writing solid code ... that's okay.
> I'd ask: Have you read "Code Complete? You have? Tell me a bit about it".
> Subfiles are a nit; good coding isn't.

I agree with you, Don.  I couldn't program a subfile from scratch if my
life depended on it, let alone my job.  I flat out cannot remember the
last time I wrote a subfile program from scratch.  I use Progen Plus
from BCD.  Anyone who is not using Progen or something like it to
generate code is nuts.  Progen has paid for itself so many times I can't
begin to count.  Virtually every person in our company is much more
productive because I have Progen.  We're talking every office and
management employee, drivers, the warehouse day and night crews, the
whole shebang.  I could not be giving them the full-featured subfile
programs at the rate I do without Progen.  We're talking company bottom
line difference here.  I know I sound like a shill for Progen, I am
not.  I don't sell it or benefit financially from sales of Progen.  It's
just a godsend.

And besides, why should one memorize what subfile keywords do, in all
there nuances?  You can look them up anytime. 
> (Oh boy ... my arrogance is showing again)

Welcome back. <g>

The opinions expressed are my own and not necessarily 
the opinion of my company.  Unless I say so.
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