• Subject: RE: SFLDSP question
  • From: "Bale, Dan" <DBale@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 16 May 2000 11:30:06 -0400

Yes, this was it.  Unfortunately, removing the OVERLAY keyword precluded the
screen footer and message subfile from displaying.

I figured out what was so different about this application from all the
other subfile apps I've done over the years.  Normally, the user will key in
the information used to load the subfile on a separate display, hit Enter,
and the subfile is loaded and displayed.  Return back to the entry screen to
key in a new supplier number (as in this case).

This application I cloned had only the subfile control record to use for the
supplier number entry.  If an invalid supplier number was entered, I wanted
to clear the subfile from the previous supplier and show a "blank" subfile.
I ended up clearing the subfile and then wrote one blank record to the
subfile and set on the indicator for SFLDSP.  Works great now.

Thanks for all the help!

- Dan Bale

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> If you happen to have the OVERLAY keyword in the SFLCTL record, and you
> had written the subfile record earlier, then you would still see the old
> subfile on the screen, even with the keyword optioned off. If other words,
> it won't clear the screen for you just because you optioned off the
> display subfile record keyword.
> Just a guess..
> Ron
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> Subject: SFLDSP question
> If the conditioning indicator for the display file keyword SFLDSP is off
> (making the keyword non-activated) and the subfile has records in it,
> would
> you expect that when you EXFMT the subfile control record that you would
> still be able to see the subfile records?  I would think not.
> Testing the indicator just before and after the EXFMT shows that the
> indicator is off, but the subfile is displayed regardless.
> It's too early in the week for such a toughie.
> - Dan Bale
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