• Subject: Re: US prices on model 150
  • From: dhandy@xxxxxxxxxxx (Douglas Handy)
  • Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2000 10:12:50 -0400


>The 9401-150 is the server for you! The IBM Server comes complete with 32MB

>... and OS/400 V4R1 software 

That doesn't make any sense.  While V3R6/7 could run in 32MB, V4Rx has
a minimum of 64MB.  

It is interesting that there are two auctions which are identical
except one says V4R1 ($2195) and one says V3R7 ($1995).  Both say 32MB
memory, which makes me wonder if they both should say V3R7.  But since
V3R7 is not transferrable, the description is pretty misleading when
it says, "It is shipped with all the necessary software to get you up
and running and is ideal as a WEB server. "

Not only is the V3R7 software not legally usable, but 32MB is not
quite what I'd call an "ideal" WEB server.  But then I guess the
truth-in-advertising laws don't apply to web auctions, do they?

If the one auction truly has V4R1 for only $200 more, it is a much
better deal since the OS should be transferable.  But you'll notice it
still doesn't have any compilers, ADTS (PDM/SEU/etc), and some other
common program products listed.

I'd question the V4R1 on a 32MB box though...

Caveat emptor,
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