• Subject: Re:PC/AS400 Transfers from AS400
  • From: Eric Sundell PMI <ESundell@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 5 Nov 1999 09:20:00 -0800

The command you are using is for SNA connections and will not work, use
RUNRMTCMD. The Incoming Remote Command is a function of Client Access
that allows users of various systems to run commands on a system that has
Access Express installed, and to receive at the requesting system any text
output that is generated by the command. The command sent is run as if it
typed at the command line of a DOS console that is running under Windows.
output that would normally appear in that DOS console is sent to the
system. If the command produces no output, a no output message is sent
If RUNRMTCMD is used to issue a remote command from an AS/400, the output
the command is saved in a spool file on the AS/400. If REXEC is used (from
VM or
AIX, for example), the output is displayed on the screen of the system from
which the command was requested.


Remote commands for running programs on Windows NT systems may need to
the full path to the program along with the program name.

When a command is sent from a remote system, a message is logged in the
Access Express history log. The message information that is logged
the system and user ID that sent the remote command, the text of the command
that was sent, and whether or not the command ran successfully.

The purpose of Incoming Remote Command is to run non-interactive commands
programs. Interactive commands or Windows programs can be run but output
the command or program itself may not be sent back. If an interactive
command or
program is run, control might not be returned to the command sender until
command or program has ended. If the command or program does not end,
might not be returned to the command sender at all.

If someone is allowed to run commands on your PC, be aware that any command
run, including FORMAT and DELETE. Be careful to whom you give authority to
remote commands on your PC.


Incoming Remote Command communication with the AS/400 system is not
by any connection configured in Operations Navigator. This means, among
things, that Incoming Remote Command communications cannot be done using
Sockets Layer (SSL).

Incoming Remote Command Programs

CWBRXD.EXE  Used to start the incoming remote command daemon program.
CWBRXDSD.EXE    Used to stop the incoming remote command daemon program.
Commands can be sent over TCP/IP to CWBRXD from any system that supports the
sending of commands using the REXEC program or a similar program that uses
same protocol, such as the RUNRMTCMD command on an AS/400.

See the following topics for additional information about the Incoming
Command programs:

*   CWBRXD (Windows NT)  

I have a program that will retreive the IP address from a Client Access job
using the device description API, it is based on a program that I saw that
friend Mr. Stone wrote, I will send it to you if you wish.

Eric Sundell
AS400/PC Speciaist
PMI/Delta Dental

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Subject:    PC/AS400 Transfers from AS400
Author: "jeff burcher" [SMTP:jburcher@cbcolcntr.com]
Date:       11/5/99 7:03 AM


I am trying to write an AS400 CL program to automate file transfers to the
PC for my users from the AS400 side. We do not have static IP addresses, so
FTP is out. I am attempting to use the following command:

STRPCCMD PCCMD('C:\Progra~1\IBM\Client~1\rtopcb.exe C:\download\test.tto')

Am I using the correct syntax? do I need to set up this command with STRPCO
or something similar for the PC?
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