As a software provider, we maintain a B20 with V3R2 because a number of our
clients are still running on V3R2.  Part of our software involves getting
information from the AS/400 and displaying that on attached PC's.  We also
transfer files from PC to AS/400 and vice versa.

All of our development is currently done on a 40S with V4R2.  I am
installing a 170 with V4R4, which is going to be the new development box.
All our transfer mechanisms allow the client to select either a router
connection or TCP/IP.  Because the development is on a V4R2 machine, TCP/IP
is used almost by default.  Any development on V4R2 is then transferred to
the V3R2 machine and re-compiled (build) under that release.  This is also
done using TCP/IP.

I have personally, other than perhaps speed (performance) not had any
problems whatsoever using TCP/IP on V3R2 (in both directions).  From the
perspective of our software, I have not seen any support issues come across
my desk that were because of TCP/IP connection.

I suppose what I am saying is that, yes, for us it works as well on V3R2 as
on V4Rx releases.  And yes, quite a few of our clients are using this within
a LAN setup (including ourselves).


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Disregarding the issue of why V3R2 is even being used in the first place...

Is anyone successfully using TCP/IP on V3R2? Does it work as well there as
it does on the V4Rx RISC boxes? Is TCP/IP, for LAN use, a real-world


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