Hi, Baba:

On Tue, 1 Jun 1999, Baba Rahiman wrote:

> We are unable to get printable/readable normal character form, while
> reading record in Physical file using  _Ropen()/_Rreadn() on ILE C/400-(
> V3R1M0).

> Sample code:
> int main(void)
>   {
>   char record??(20??);
>   _RFILE *fb;_RIOFB_T *fbt;
>   fb = _Ropen("PHname","rr");
>   fbt = _Rreadn(fb,record,sizeof(record),__DFT);
>   printf(" %s \n ",record);
>   }

> Problem: We're not able to print on screen if it is packed_decimal
> data type

Assuming you want to stick with internal definitions, here is what you
need.  The following assums a 15-byte character field, and a PD (9,2)

#include <decimal.h>

typedef struct {
    char Field1[20];
    decimal Number(9,2);
    } PRec_t ;

int main(int argc, char *argv[])
    PRec_t DataRec;
   _RFILE *fb;
   _RIOFB_T *fbt;
   fb = _Ropen("PHname","rr");
   fbt = _Rreadn(fb,DataRec,sizeof(DataRec),__DFT);
   printf(" %s %D(9,2)\n ",DataRec.Field1, DataRec.Number);

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(I'm assuming that C language is not included in that statment.)

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