• Subject: Line numbers on RPG/LE error messages
  • From: Jon.Paris@xxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 29 May 1999 08:43:43 -0400

 >> What do you mean by fix TGTRLS(*CURRENT)?

 >> Is there a PTF that will allow us to compile V3R7 code on a V4R4 box yet?

Sorry Rob - I was in a hurry and wasn't clear.  What I meant was that the PTFs I
listed were those needed for the compiler that is invoked when you request
TGTRLS(*CURRENT).  For any given release there are a number of RPG compilers
shipped - one for each of the target releases supported.  Each one has its own
set of PTFs.

Perhaps it's easier with an example.  Say you're on V4R2 and have applied the
PTF listed.  If you were to compile with TGTRLS(*PRV) on that system, the
compile would fail as the *PRV compiler has no idea what OPTION(*SRCSTMT) means.
It needs a separate PTF - and that was one of the ones that I _didn't_ list.

I'm not convinced that I haven't confused things more but .......

I'm afraid the likelihood of you getting a compiler that takes "new" features
back to "old" releases is probably on a par with the chances of my being given
Lou G's job - and remember I don't even work for IBM anymore!

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