• Subject: Line numbers on RPG/LE error messages
  • From: Jon.Paris@xxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 28 May 1999 08:41:10 -0400

You are correct - IBM has not "... left us this problem without a solution".

On releases prior to V4R4 you have to code an H spec keyword to get the new


The *SRCSTMT is the one you are asking for - it forces SEU line numbers to be
used rather than compiler generated ones.  The second parameter (*NODEBUGIO)
relates to the debugger.  It avoids you having to step through the processing of
every single field when a file is read/written.

V4R4 and later support this behavior through the OPTION parameter on the command
(the H spec keyword will still
be available too).

PTFs are below for V3R2, V3R6, V3R7 and V4R2. These are the PTFs to fix
TGTRLS(*CURRENT) - other TGTRLS PTFs should be available if required.

         Compiler (product 57xxRG1) | Runtime (product 57xxSS1)
         -------------------------- | ------------------------
 V3R2    SF46001                    | SF45788
 V3R6    SF45749                    | SF45430
 V3R7    SF46327                    | SF46321
 V4R1    (use V3R7 compiler + PTF)  | SF46462
 V4R2    SF45191                    | SF45189

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