A quick lesson in SQL is a tall order indeed!  SQL comes in a couple of
flavours; maybe we can try to zoom in on the exact trouble by finding out
what the prior employee did.  First, do a DSPOBJD on the compiled SQL's and
find out what sort of objects they are.  If they are type *PGM, then perhaps
you're looking at an RPG program with embedded SQL.  You should be able to
look at the program and find out what's missing.  If the object type is
*QMQRY, then you're looking at a Query Management object.  Source should be
in a file called QQMQRYSRC and you compile it with the CRTQMQRY command.

Let us know what sort of objects you're looking at, and the exact
error/problem and we can take the next steps.

Buck Calabro
Billing Concepts Albany, NY

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> Sent: Thursday, May 27, 1999 2:50 PM
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> Subject:      SQL ???
> Can someone give me a quick lesson on SQL, like what type of create the
> file 
> should be, i.e. txt etc.  how to compile and run.  A previous employee
> here 
> created some sql's compiled and placed into a production lib. however not
> all 
> we need in production is listed.........
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