I am doing some research into long name vs. short name, in particular
controlling the flow of an object from a non-AS/400 location, to an AS/400,
and then off again. 

What I have observed is that short name changes at each stop along the way:

        In the original location the long name would be mylongname5.htm and
the short name might be mylong~5.htm because there are 5 other files that
start with mylongfi*.

        When moved to the AS/400, the short name appears always be the first
eight characters of the long name followed by the suffix. If I move all 5 of
the mylongfi* files to the AS/400, even in the same folder, all will have a
short name of mylongfi.htm.

        When I move just mylongfilename5.htm back to my pc into a folder
containing no other files, the short name is mylong~1.exe.

Does anyone know if there is any "standard" rules used for this?

Do any of the file systems capable of handling a long name actually care
about the short name?

Thanks in advance



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