• Subject: "RPG isn't cool" (was: Re: IBM Secret)
  • From: Jon.Paris@xxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 11 May 1999 15:01:57 -0400

 >> I can STILL remember my "discussions" with Jon "we can't drag the customers
kicking and screaming into free-format RPG" Paris about this subject

You have an interesting memory Don.  I never said "can't" I always said that it
was _pointless_ to try to force-feed them something they were not ready and
willing to accept.  My opinion hasn't changed.

Free-format was always my goal but in the absence of any field force by which
such a compiler could be introduced, we had to go with something that would
attract both free and fixed-form fans.  As I told Paul and yourself at the time,
I believed then as I do now, that the critical factor was allowing the users to
educate themselves about the benefits of free-form by using the hybrid version.

Roger's comments on the level of user support for the X-spec notwithstanding,
the demand for free-form is coming from users.  In many, many cases from the
same people who said they would use a free-form RPG when hell froze over.

Jon (looking forward to free-format) Paris

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