• Subject: more help is required please-Model 200 problem--how do I get out of trouble?
  • From: "DAVID BULOG" <d2ba@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 7 May 1999 22:53:40 +1200

Thanks to all who responded-I have tried another unsuccessful attempt and
being a newbie dont know how to get out of trouble.Here is a detailed list
of all the events during my manual IPL:So more help is required please

System Consule =3197C terminal port0 address 0

01 B M---AS/400 Model 200 display
I hit the power button after 10 mins we get
IPL or Install the System
1.Perform an IPL

we get 

Sign On

after a short while we get
Select Products to Work with PTFs
5763999 *Base V3R1M0
5763SS1 *Base V3R1M0
5763TC1 *Base V3R1M0
5763XA1 *Base V3R1M0
5763XB1 *Base V3R1M0
5763XC1 *Base V3R1M0
5763XF1 *Base V3R1M0
5763XG1 *Base V3R1M0
5763XL1 *Base V3R1M0
57399MPG *Base V3R1M0

F12 to cancel--i selected

we get IPL Options
Set Major System options--already had a Y in there to enable autoconfig

we now get a series of display messages
"Type reply(if required),press Enter"

Subsystem QCTL active when system ended.
Subsystem QSYSWRK active when system ended.
Subsystem QSPL active when system ended.
Subsystem QINTER active when system ended.
Subsystem QBATCH active when system ended.
Subsystem QCMN active when system ended.
Subsystem QSERVER active when system ended.

 I pressed F12 canceled all of above

got x--normal system processing on terminal then lost it after a short
while(system consule=blank apart from cursor at 1/2 and system available
indicator and a 1 in bottom left hand corner
on AS/400 model 200 panel-C9002XXX (Operating system starting) at this

we soon after got to 01 B M  and lots of hard disc activity for aboubt
10mins before settling down
and still same system consule problem.

i hit white power button
got o?-blinking on AS/400 display
i hit white power button again
after a few mins powered down(I hope this is the correct proceedure to
if you have no ternimal and the objects cant be damaged by doing this?)

Dave B

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