• Subject: Re: JBA date manipulation with DB2 Query manager
  • From: david.kahn@xxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 5 May 1999 14:58:59 +0100

Dan Thomas <DThomas@lpw-mdi.com> wrote:

>JBA dates are stored as a seven digit number in the format
>CYYMMDD, where century 1900 is a zero and 2000 is a one.
>Any suggestions for being able to do date manipulation (aging,
>days difference, etc) within DB2 query manager and/or PC
>report writers like IQ Objects and Crystal Reports?

Under the heading "crude but effective" is an approach used successfully by
a client of mine. Write a one-off program to generate a file of dates. The
program steps day by day from an arbitrary start date to an arbitrary end
date. Make sure that the range encompasses all the dates you will
realistically use. Each record will contain all the date formats you are
likely to use. So you might have CYYMMDD, Julian, absolute (day number
relative to an arbitrary starting point), day of week number, day of week
name, year number, week number, day number, MM/DD/YYYY, short display
format, long display format, etc, etc, etc.

Your queries can now join to this file by the CYYMMDD (or any) field and
retrieve all the other formats of the date. The absolute date can be used
for arithmetic. Subtract one date from another to get the days between
them, or add a number of days to any date then retrieve the result in any

Dave Kahn, ABB Steward Ltd.

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