• Subject: RE: what's my IP addr on AS400 -- using DHCP
  • From: Neil Palmer <npalmer@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 24 Jun 1998 20:25:15 -0500

NETSTAT #2 (TCP/IP Route Information) does not display IP addresses
active for your AS/400, it displays IP addresses of routers for get out
from your AS/400 to various other networks, including the Internet.
These could be in the form of the automatically created entries (when
you add an interface) where *DIRECT is the next hop, manually created
entries for specific networks, and one or several default routes.
The destination is a dummy address used for Loopback testing.

If there are entries in there that are invalid, they were probably added
manually at one point.
The problem with you boss' PC may be an invalid subnet mask entry.

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> Subject:      Re: what's my IP addr on AS400 -- using DHCP
> Our AS/400 is doing some silly things with IP addresses.  You can type
> in NETSTAT, (as the rest of the world calls it or WRKTCPSTS if you
> don't want to learn commands that might be usefull on routers and
> firewalls).  Then take option 2 for 'Display TCP/IP route information'
> and you'll see bunches of IP addresses.  On our 400 I KNOW that these
> are not all active currently to this 400.
> The reason I mention this is twofold.  One, I can't think of much as
> to know which IP addresses are currently on your 400 and I want to
> help you solve your problem.  Two, since this is pretty useless can I
> get IBM to trash it.  In fact, it is hazardous.  We oopsed when we
> first selected internal IP addresses, (they match some valid IP
> addresses on the Internet).  Now the 400 gets confused over the IP
> address of my boss' pc.  Instead of pointing to the router between the
> 400 ring and the ring my boss' pc is on; it starts pointing to the
> router between the 400 ring and the internet.  We then have two
> options:  1) Stop and restart TCP, 2) Change the boss' IP address
> until it happens again.  Frankly this 400 table is pretty worthless
> because it should leave this task to the gateways specified under
> CFGTCP - 2. Work with TCP/IP routes.
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