It's funny how Fortune 1000 companies think the entire world revolves 
around them. Somebody at Ford Motor company decides to switch to NT
and therefore its settled -- the whole world's migrating to NT 
Thursday next.

Of course, after you've worked in this industry as long as me, you 
realize that two years from now somebody else at Ford Motor will 
decide to switch to _____. (I'm only about two weeks ahead of my time, 
so it's still a mystery to me what's going to be *H*O*T* two years 
from now.)

If memory serves me, a couple of months ago Merril Lynch made a BIG 
(and it always is big with Fortune 1000 companies) announcement that 
they were switching to NT -- and boy was it going to save them mega 
bucks!! Funny thing, back in 1995 Merril Lynch made another BIG 
announcement that they were switching to NeXT -- and boy was it going 
to save them mega bucks!! (Gosh, they could acquire Goldman, Sachs 
with all of *that* savings.)

The problem with Fortune 1000s is that they have more money than 
common sense.

They thrash about from platform to platform, from OS to OS, and I'm 
still waiting for someone, anyone, to ask me what I need as a 
programmer to program more effectively. They always tell me that 
they're switching platforms for my own good. Well, as Paul Newman said 
in the movie, "Captain, I sure wish you'd stop being so good to me."

>Date: Wed, 25 Feb 1998 00:20:24
>From: Mark Lazarus <>
>Subject: Re: CL enhancements
> How's this for practical:  I'm currently working w/ a multi-Billion (w/ a
>"B"!) dollar company that is dumping about 14 AS/400s, the smallest an F70,
>the largest the high-end 320.  I'm estimating about $25 million worth of
>equipment.  Why?  Part of the reason is due to IBM's lack of responsiveness
>to some the EVERYDAY challenges we face.  CASE CLOSED!!

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