• Subject: Re: "Webulating" RPG
  • From: Dave Mahadevan <mahadevan@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 24 Feb 1998 20:27:05 -0500
  • Organization: Stoner and Associates

Terry Herrin wrote:

> Booth Martin wrote:
> >Sorry if that sounds like a flame Terry, but SEU has got to be the second 
> >painful way to work on AS/400 code.
> As I said before, I use it every day for hours on end, and I have
> absolutely no problem with it.  I don't need a bunch of bells and
> whistles to produce what I feel is efficient, accurate code in a
> productive amount of time.

Sometimes, the simplest tool works best.  SEU has been a true and tested method 
editing code and it still works.  Now, I am sure all the MS bashers wouldnt 
want to
use GUI editors on NT/95 and have no access to the system during crashes? would 
Shucks guys.  The work has to get done whether it is by SEU or Flex or CODE/400 
whatever.....just my 3 cents (inflation added one cent)...

On the other hand, if that CODE/400 shows an external print file as it will 

Thank You.


Dave Mahadevan.. mailto:mahadevan@fuse.net

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