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I'm aware that NT can support over 200 users, and can (often) run 24
hours a day.
I was just trying to rattle Don's chain and made that comment with
tongue firmly planted in cheek, not with my head firmly stuck up my a**
!     :-)

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>   I wouldn't normally interfere on your chipchat, but some truth 
> would sure be welcome there. I wonder how far do you know NT, or any 
> other OS at the same range or higher, for that matter. NT is well 
> able to support 200 users, and 24 hours a day. It wont run 
> applications centrally, no. It wont do what an AS/400 can, too. It 
> may not even run a complete week without a glitch, granted. But 
> please, every monkey to his branch. Nor will an AS/400 do everything 
> an NT server is asked for. And when it does, mostly its not at the 
> same performance and cost. My friends, i work for a big AS/400 
> software developer in Europe. We have several AS/400. We have a few 
> NT machines. And each doing their thing, they do well. And believe 
> me, even the AS/400 has glitches, or otherwise my department - 
> Networking and support - would be jobless. And yes, our main NT does 
> support a hundred people , has intranet/internet mail, does printer 
> and file serving, and a few more services - 24 hours a day. I am not 
> a follower of NT, by a long shot. I wasn't of the AS/400 until a year 
> ago. I was mostly a Unix man. I frown indeed at the idea of moving 
> work previous done with AS/400 by a NT  like people change brand of 
> shirts - the better commercial wins. Each machine can have its place. 
> NT has its own, too, though i doubt its the same Microsoft wouldnt 
> want it to have. By the way, i guess the InfoWorld 
> article probably means NT as a backbone database engine, or 
> something of the sort. I dont see that peticular company using an 
> AS/400 as file and printer server for a bunch of PC's. 
> Pedro Manuel Rodrigues
> >
> >Wow - an NT system can support 200 users !!!!!  
> >I know they can stay up for 24 hours - as long as you don't try to
> >actually use them to run anything !    :-)
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