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> But that isn't the case, NT is inferior but gaining market share anyway. I
>  know that this means the same thing for me as it did when Win95 took over
>  the desktop. Without competition products are stagnant. If IBM doesn't
>  raise the ante with OS/400, then NT will sit year after year with no
>  improvement. Just like Win95. 
>  Why would this be something to desire?

We've often disagreed in the past, sometimes vehemently, but this note all but
brought a tear of agreement to my eye ;-).  You nailed it, man.  NT is gaining
market share despite its inferiority.  We all want to do a good job, but those
that don't care are driving the current "NT Craze" (much as they did
installing LANs for 12 users back when a LAN of even _THAT_ size wasn't
maintainable by a non-technical staff member).  I don't hate Micro$oft, heck,
I use NT/Workstation on my primary PC -- and it's _FAR_ superior to '95 as a
desktop solution (which I'm stuck with on my notebook).  You're beautiful man,
don't ever change ;-)...

Dean Asmussen
Enterprise Systems Consulting, Inc.
Fuquay-Varina, NC  USA

"As for butter versus margarine, I trust cows more than chemists." -- Joan
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