• Subject: RE: System/34
  • From: "Donald L. Schenck" <dschenck@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 21 Feb 1998 09:23:05 -0500

I missed the story.  How long has the NT system been installed and
running?  Were the savings outlined?

The system was installed "recently" ... and the savings are _projected_ (of 

I noticed that NOBODY quoted my FINAL paragraph, that "different needs 
required differents OS's".

You (all) like to SLAM NT ... like you have some "pride of ownership" in 
OS/400 ... like it's your religion or something. What's wrong? Do people 
feel threatened?

I LOVE using OS/400 ... use it all day ... every day. No problem ... it's a 
great operating system.

Use NT all day every day too. Never have a problem. On a network with 400+ 

But to call the System/34 superior to NT ... now THAT'S a joke.

Open your mind folks; there's OS/400 ... OS/390 ... Unix ... Linux ... NT 
... Novell ... Plan Nine <?> ... MacOS ... BeOS <?> ...

Don't see the entire world through Blue lenses.


-- Don

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