RE:     Re: "Webulating" RPG

>I used to think that coding VB applications (or pick your language of 
>choice) on a PC was part of the OO world. What I have discovered is that
> just as many developers in that arena do not understand OO concepts as 
>do people coming from mainframe and midrange backgrounds. Just because 
>you develop on a platform or language that boasts OO, it doesn't make 
>you an OO programmer. I come across the same thing with people that 
>develop in databases that brag about triggers, stored procedures, 
>referential integrity, etc. (like Oracle or Access). All of these 
>features turn out to be a future enhancement. I do not disagree with
> the statements that AS/400 developers need better design skills or
> modeling tools. Granted, us "old style" developers could be better
> designers, use more features of the database, etc., but the illusion
> that the "new breed" is better at it, is more of a myth than a reality.

>Joe Teff
>Bloomington, MN
I agree with you alot on this one.  I was reading a Java magazine the other
day and the article was by a OO expert.  He was talking about rewriting 
VB programs and what total %^&$#@ most of these are from a design point
of view.  Good code is an evolution, 1970's code was junk in the 80's,
80's code was junk in the 90's.   Are we building tomorrows legacy systems
today?  Just giving a program the Tool's won't make good designers.
Remember those above mentioned VB programers were saying "Hey I'm modern
and up todate, you archaic green screen programmers"
So I guess Archaic is in the eye of the beholder. Now it's them.

"Six months ago I couldn't spell Object Orientated Designer,
 Now I are One."

So "You can lead a man to knowledge, but you can't make him think"

(BTW Joe,  Hit the CR(carriage return) once and awhile.  Your note was 
one long sentence that had to be windowed -> )

John Carr
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