• Subject: Re:What job is using a device
  • From: Buck Calabro <mcalabro@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 20 Feb 1998 18:04:44 -0500

>I have situations where I may have a device failure
>and the program is attempting to recover on it's own.
>When it doesn't I will get a job that loops.  While
>pursuing the issue of why it won't recover I want to
>be able to control the looping job - specifically I want
>to end the job.
>I will know the name of the device in question, but not
>necessarily the job name.  Other than working with
>locks (I'm concerned there may not be any..), what is
>the easiest way to say I have device DSPMINE and want
>to end whatever job is xxxxxx/YYYYYYYYYY/DSPMINE?

You can get the complete job information from the
program status data structure.  In old fashioned RPG, the
columns are:

     I           SDS                                        
     I                                     *PROGRAM PGNAME  
     I                                     *STATUS  STATUS  
     I                                      244 253 TMNAME  
     I                                      254 263 USRNAM  
     I                                      264 2690JOBNBR  

Hope this helps...

Buck Calabro
Commsoft, Albany, NY

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