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David Murphy wrote to midrange-l:

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> I'm not sure I understand what you mean by sending an INTERRUPT,
> Peter. With a TELNET session running on the AS400, pressing the
> ATTENTION key gives you the Send TELNET Control  Functions menu. The
> first option, Interrupt process, is used to cancel a process on the
> server. I can't find anything in the TCP/IP manual about sending an
> INTERRUPT. No INTERRUPT function is listed in the PC5250 keyboard
> map. What are you doing your "quick test" on?

That'd be the one. Try it.
Try what?
If what you're trying to do is reach the attention menu on your AS/400 while 
using your AS/400 as a telnet client attached to someone else's system, hit 
Attention to reach the TELNET Control Functions menu, then hit Attention again 
to get your Attention program.
I guess I'm not being clear. I don't want the Attention program on my AS 400.  
I want to send "Attention" to the IBM mainframe host application that I am 
communicating with from the AS400 TELNET client.
Dear David,

Here is the description of how to create the 3270 ATTN function from the TN3270 

11.  The 3270 ATTN Key

The 3270 ATTN key is interpreted by many host applications in an SNA
environment as an indication that the user wishes to interrupt the
execution of the current process.  The Telnet Interrupt Process (IP)
command was defined expressly for such a purpose, so it is used to
implement support for the 3270 ATTN key.  This requires two things:

       - TN3270E clients should provide as part of their keyboard
         mapping a single key or a combination of keys that map to
         the 3270 ATTN key.  When the user presses this key(s), the
         client should transmit a Telnet IP command to the server.

- TN3270E servers should translate the IP command received  
  from a TN3270E client into the appropriate form and pass it   
  along to the host application as an ATTN key.  In other 
  words, the server representing an SLU in an SNA session 
  should send a SIGNAL RU to the host application.

The ATTN key is not supported in a non-SNA environment; therefore, a
TN3270E server representing non-SNA 3270 devices should ignore any
Telnet IP commands it receives from a client.

So to create the 3270 ATTN function from your AS/400 Telnet Client, you should 
press the ATTN key to get the Telnet functions menu. Choose option 1 to send a 
Telnet IP request to the TN3270 server. The server should change the IP request 
into the 3270 ATTN command when it sends your Client response to the mainframe.

If this procedure doesn't work, check the definition of the device to which 
your AS/400 Telnet client is being connected on the TN3270 server to make sure 
that it is defined to be an SNA device.


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