• Subject: RE: Telnet ATTENTION Key
  • From: pault@xxxxxxxxx (Paul Tykodi)
  • Date: Tue, 17 Feb 1998 08:58:46 -0500

David Murphy wrote to midrange-l:

We currently communicate with a mainframe over an SDLC line using 3270 
emulation. We are switching to a Frame Relay line and would like to use TELNET 
from our Ethernet-attached AS400. The mainframe runs a program called Teleview 
that uses the 3270 Attention key to switch between applications. You can access 
the 3270 Attention key by pressing the Attention key and taking option 5 on the 
3270 Emulation menu. When you press the Attention key in TELNET, though, that 
option doesn't appear. Does anyone know of a way to actually be able to use the 
Attention key AS an attention key in TELNET on the 400?
Dear David,
Try the following when using Telnet VT100 emulation into the AS/400:
Default 5250 Function           VT100 Key(s)

Attention                               <CTRL-A>

Also another person who had posted information to midrange-l in the last month 
claimed the following would be useful as well:
When a user is using a VT100 keyboard (use the windows telnet program to 
accomplish this) on the 400, the command DSPVTMAP shows the user the mapped 
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