• Subject: Re[2]: Postscript Printing
  • From: "Guy Murphy"<gmurphy@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 11 Feb 98 09:09:45 -0600

     I guess I'm betraying my techical ignornace here, but how do you 
     create a Postscript output with RPG?
     Guy Murphy         University of Illinois - UDIS


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Subject: Re: Postscript Printing 
Author:  <MIDRANGE-L@midrange.com > at INTERNET
Date:    2/11/98 4:00 AM

Hi all:
I used Postscript to create my AS/400-based invoice print.  The trick is 
to get
the AS/400 to perform ASCII to EBCDIC only.  Create the printer with 
Host Print
Transform = *YES and use the Work Station customizing object of 
just use RPG to create the Postscript output.
Brian Lawson
HJM Systems, Inc.

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