• Subject: Re: Page definitions/form definitions
  • From: Bob Larkin <blarkin@xxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 10 Feb 1998 23:07:59 -0800

I don't know your volume requirements, but I have used Xerox equipment at 
several client locations to print HIGH volume. Output has run the gamut, 
including logos, shading, tumbled & Head-to-foot tumbling in both letter and 
legal sizes. There are several software packages to assist in developing output 
forms. A good Xerox rep would be able to assist you there.

Buck Calabro wrote:

> Is anybody using PSF/400 page and form definitions?  I have a need to print 
>graphic logo's, pie charts, boxes and shading all on the same bill.  All the 
>elements are floating, and I need to do 2-UP landscape printing for the 
>"detail" pages, and 1-UP portrait printing for the "summary" (front) page.
> With DDS, I can print the logo's with PAGSEG, but I can't rotate them to 
>landscape.  The pie charts can be handled with GDF, and the boxes with LINE 
>and BOX.  Shading is a puzzler: do I use a PAGSEG that is, say, 50% grey 
>screen?  The floating element requirement means that I have to calculate how 
>far down the page everything I print falls, including "normal" text:  If I 
>print 3 lines at 6lpi, I accumulate .5 inches so I know where the graphical 
>elements can go.
> DDS won't allow me to easily to N-UP printing, but FORMDF has N-UP as a 
>parameter...  thus my question!
> Anybody got any hints?
> Buck Calabro
> Commsoft, Albany, NY
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