• Subject: Re: Edit APIs
  • From: David Morris <dmorris@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 09 Feb 1998 09:32:02 -0700

Chanh Le,

You can pass number to edit as 30S 9 VALUE.  Use built in functions to pass the 
and decimal positions.    Use decimal positions and length passed to extract 
the passed 
number to edit and left justify in parm passed to the edit API.  Return edited 
Then you don't need to hard code anything in the calling procedure.

David Morris

>>> "Chanh Le" <Chanh_Le@countrywide.com> 02/06 5:39 PM >>>

mahadevan@fuse.net wrote:

EVAL char_str = P_EditCode(number,editcode,length,decimal,special,adjust)


Because this procedure has the first parm as number.  This mean it can only
      edit a fix precision/decimal.

For example:  if size of "number" is 12,2,  a field "my_field" has the size
      of 5,2.

I have to put "my_field" to a temporary field of 12,2 and pass this
      temporary to this procedure.  Unless it is passed by pointer.  And I
      think "QECEDT" can not accept pointer.

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