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  • Date: Mon, 9 Feb 1998 00:23:54 EST


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> > Probably closer to 15. I'm suprised IBM hasn't sued over some of the
>  > components' similarity to the "inferior" OS/2... 
>  I think it refreshing to find that even Redmond can recognize good
>  functionality. Also, when the Windows world finally got around to using
>  some of those features they had spent years saying they didn't want, it did
>  make it easier to work with their machines. 

I just wonder how someone took "Soft"ware and hit Redmond in the head hard
enough for them to notice.  At my primary client site, I run OS/2 2.1 (not
even Warp), and what crashes it?  AmiPro and Visio (16bit WIN applications).
Guess what two applications are the only ones I've found that can crash
NT/Workstation?  I'm sorry, but CM/2 keeps me working on the /400 while the
rest of the team (on 3.1 and Rumba) sits around twiddling their thumbs when
the Network goes down, which averages a minimum of twice/day.  I don't find
the "Redmond Recognition" refreshing at all, but a theft of operability that
they have been unable to achieve themselves despite years of market dominance
and virtually unlimited R&D dollars...


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