• Subject: Re: Win95 vs Lose95
  • From: qappdsn@xxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 07 Feb 1998 21:47:35 -0800

Bob Crothers wrote:

> John,
> I did not say the mainstream had choices, I said you had
> choices.

<<a whole lot of snipping>>

As a voice of support for Bob, I think all of us have faced the dichotomy of
popular vs superior.


I was taught that a dichotomy is choosing between two equally unappealing
choices.  In this case the ever popular Win95 with it's inherent deficiencies 
something technically superior like OS/2 or LINUX that are not acceptable by 
user.  In the first case there are a wide variety of applications to choose 
GPF's and all :), vs maybe one to two choices for the latter.  BTW, LINUX is a
pretty good choice for a TCP/IP shop as a communications/firewall/print server.
Check out the Red Hat or Caldora "packaging".

IMHO we are all faced with "user" acceptance.  Like they actually know anything!


It's hard to fly in the face of popular opinion and in most cases you don't have
to.  Just get the most out of what you are given to work with and toss a coin to
blame either Redmond or Rochester. :) sigh.

Not a full 2 centavos.

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