• Subject: Re: List of object types
  • From: David Morris <dmorris@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 06 Feb 1998 09:13:08 -0700


We ran into the same problem with command validation.  We specify a choice 
wherever we have an object type defined for commands.  The choice program reads 
file of object types which has to be updated after applying a new release.  Cut 
and paste 
while prompting the wrkobj objtyp works pretty good to update the file.  Not 
ideal but it works.

David Morris

>>> John Earl <johnearl@lns400.com> 02/06 1:21 AM >>>

More than once I've come across the need to list all object types that are
possible on a given release, but I've never found a place on the /400 that I
could just look it up. 
An example would be where you want to build a command that allows users
to do something with objects, and you want to be able to validate the
'object type' field that they type in.  Where do you look to determine that
the 'object type' is a valid object type?  Is there a table or a list of
these somewhere?  I'd think that there would have to be.  How else would the
WRKOBJ command get it.


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