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>Now they have this brilliant idea: use AnyNet (now conveniently provided
>OS/400) to encapsulate the SNA in IP, thus solving said problem and
>us to run the existing client software. And conveniently getting them off
>hook for making sure they deliver the IP version they claim is in the
works on
>Question: ever been exposed to AnyNet? Work OK? Performance hog? Good
idea, or
>stupid idea? I'm setting it up for a test, but any input you have would be
We use AnyNet here for about 40 to 50 PC's in a limited fashion.  Directly
users we use SNA (quietly waiting for V4R2 to review IP options), and
dial-in users
using AnyNet (dial in only uses IP).  As far as CA/400 functions you should
no difference (ie:  emulation, printing, shared folders, etc.).  The only
problem I have seen is that when a users has to do the three finger salute
AnyNet connections take some time to 'reset' resulting in the user saluting
a couple
of times before they reconnect.  TBH, I have not looked into this problem
in great

Can't say much about performance in that we don't see a problem and have
spent the time to analyze it (I refuse to get in the middle of the SNA
Server vs.
AnyNet debate).  There has to be some impact on both the client and the
Both IBM and MS should have some documentation, but I would be wary.  Maybe
someone on this list can give a responsible answer.  If you have
appropriately sized
desktops and an AS/400 you probably won't 'see' a problem.

Overall, it is probably not a bad idea.  It works and at this time is real
stable.  I've only
had one AnyNet problem in the last two years (other than the re-boot
issue).  Until IP
functionality catches up on CA/400 and some resulting applications it may
be the
easiest solution to gap the bridge.

>P.S. According to the config. instrux, you have to MANUALLY create all the
>device descriptions for the PCs on the 400. Eeeeeee! How primitive <g>. >>

Ouch.  As someone who turns off autoconfig does that mean I'm primitive?
:-) Don't answer that!  Reality is that configuring an AnyNet device on the
AS/400 is a breeze.....

Michael Crump
Technical Project Leader
Ball-Foster Glass Container Corp.

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