• Subject: Re: SQL string conversion
  • From: Jromeh@xxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 3 Feb 1998 03:01:08 EST

Dave Shaw wrote...

>>Is it there in ASC's SEQUEL, anyone? Seem to remember more control over
>>some things like this, though it's almost 3 years now since using it.

>ASC's Sequel doesn't support the TO_NUMBER function as such, but it does
>provide the ability to do this task.  There is a ZONED function which
>converts a (normally character) expression into an AS/400 zoned number,
>which can then be converted to packed or integer or floating point.  It's
>all very AS/400-eccentric and decidedly non-portable, of course.  It works
>great, though - we've used it several times.

Thanks, Dave, for jogging my memory. Thought there was a way to do this 

>Dave Shaw, General Nutrition, Greenville, SC (just down the road from BMW -
>Bubba Makes Wheels :)

And according to AutoWeek, 1/26, they just landed approval to build the M 

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