• Subject: RE: Win95 - CA/400 session limit
  • From: "Cotes, Steven" <cotess@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 2 Feb 1998 18:06:56 -0800

Some questions and thoughts,
What kind of machine does he have ?
Is he also running data transfers ?
Does he consistently crash on the fourth or
does he sometimes get it to run ?

When I first started setting up IP and CA here I did
some load testing.
Using a low-end 486 Win 95 test machine with 16meg
I was able to open over a dozen CA sessions while also
running MS Word and Explorer.

With SNA you can hit some LU maxes, it's been so long
since I had to touch SAA I don't remember the details.
Could there be some max numbers he is hitting ?

 -Steve Cotes

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> Subject:      Win95 - CA/400 session limit
> I have a user who is setting up CA/400 on Win95 after having a lot of
> experience in Win 3.1. One of the things that keeps popping up is a
> session
> limitation that didn't exist in the Win 3.1 world. The user can start
> up three
> sessions without problems. However, when he starts up a fourth
> session, the
> entire workstation crashes. Does this sound like a familiar PTF
> problem? He's
> running V3R2 with a token ring network entertaining Netware for SAA. I
> think
> he is at current cumulative PTF level, also. Are we missing something?
> Hank Heath
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