• Subject: CGI Programs failing
  • From: Peter Coffin <phcoffin@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 26 Jan 1998 11:21:52 -0500

Frustration is setting in with my attempts to get a CGI program to run. I write
the thing (or from later experiements, type it in from the redbook), compile it
to a module, bind it into a program with service program QTCP/QHTMHCGI, put it
in the WEBEXE library that I set up to hold CGI executables and their data, hit
the thing with a web browser, and get "500 - CGI program failed." For every
thing that I write, type in, or compile from source members kicking around on
CDs. If I replace the program objects with precomiled ones from the redbook CD,
they work just fine. I must be missing a step, but the TCP Reference, and Cool
Title redbook aren't telling me anything different than what I'm doing.

Also, last week or thereabouts, I was discussing REXX CGI as a possibility with
someone on the list who said he used a a lot of REXX for this, and I'd like to
know how the REXX procedures were started. QCMDEXE call with STRREXPRC? I got
that to work locally just fine and typing the expected input that was to have
been passed by the http server got the expected results. Running it as a CGI
got the CGI Program Failed message.

Peter H. Coffin
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