• Subject: Re: Performance Manager (V3R2)
  • From: Buck Calabro <mcalabro@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 9 Jan 1998 13:49:46 -0500

>>      I used to use the performance Manager when I was running V3R6.  When I
>>  upgraded to 3R7, I ran into some problems with it and stopped using it. 
>>  I assume I was probably missing a PTF or something simple like that. 
>>  While it was a nice feature to have, automatically logging Disk usage
>>  and CPU utilization, I don't think it was a necessity.
>queries against the data.  A better bet is read and _understand_ the "Work
>Management Guide", and use WRKACTJOB, WRKSYSSTS, and WRKDSKSTS during peak
>usage to pin down the source of your problems.  Auto-tune is fine for smaller
>systems with few users, but should _NEVER_ be used on 9406 boxes, IMHO.  The
>latter tends to make adjustments _just after_ you don't need them anymore.

My experience agrees with Dean's.  Auto-tune waits too long to make changes.
Optimum tuning (aka the human touch) is obviously more critical for large, busy
machines, and when you read the book you'll have the know-how to do better
than auto-tune for sure.

Buck Calabro
Commsoft, Albany, NY

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