>>I can't speak to any possible licensing issues, not being a lawyer.
>>But, I think you can code either up from the RFCs.  See your own
>>laywer before proceeding!

>Thanks for the information, Larry.  I musta missed something.  How would
>licensing issues be involved here?

Who knows?  I haven't had time to research the matter, so I'm hardly in a
position to give advice.  There's no way I can keep up with the legal
status of every darn thing on the net and whether it is open source, public
domain, or whether there are patent claims for various technologies or not.
I think there is a major fight going on in W3 or somewhere about whether
some standard should contain proprietary content or not.  Don't remember
the details or how it came out, if it has been decided even, but that sort
of thing makes you reach for the disclaimers when you don't know, which is
the case here.

You can start with RFCs 2202 and 2104 and see where it leads you.

Larry W. Loen  -   speaking on his own

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