This would be a good example of a ticket to open with the MAPICS hotline.
They will also talk you through the UPDDTA if that is necessary to correct
your data.  Keep us informed of the outcome, please?  (we don't use average

LeTourneau, Inc.

Nandagopal Padmanabhan wrote:

I did a negative RP to put the item back on the PO and I did this for 2
1. I thought that this would change the average cost in the warehouse to the
original average cost
2. I wanted to change the purchase price on the PO to the correct value

But after I performed the negative RP, the above didn't take place. Instead
the average cost changed to a higher cost, but the item was put back on the

In a nut shell, the original avg cost was: $20
After RP: avg cost: $1320
After negative RP: avg cost: $4300!!!!!!!!

I did my negative RP on the RP screen and made sure I had a neagtive qty!
What's happening? Let me know if you need more info, I can send you a
spreadsheet with the transactions.

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