What I saw on v5r3 showed successive requests to "ADDLIBLE LIB(name)" via SQL CALL requests performed in a QRWTSRVR job:
CALL QSYS/QCMDEXC('ADDLIBLE LIB(name)', 0000000018.00000)

Thus not only is that problematic for its failure to use the more appropriate QSYS/CHGLIBL, it is incorrectly using *LIBL/ADDLIBLE and failing to ensure its assumption of POSITION(*FIRST) is met.

The above implies two issues. First that the command request is not library qualified. Second that the assumption of *FIRST could become a *failed* assumption on any system where the following customization has occurred [a defect, more than just an 'issue']:

Because of the first error, you could get past the problem by introducing a Trojan Horse command BEFOREQSYS/ADDLIBLE which effects the desirable outcome of library placement; e.g. using a CLP which monitors the condition of CPF2103 and reacts by RMVLIBLE of the same value for LIB(), and repeats the ADDLIBLE LIB() POSITION(*FIRST)

Report those issues as defects and suggest the most appropriate resolution would presumably be to use CHGLIBL like is done in the other case. FWiW the use of CHGLIBL in the other case probably also has the same coding issue whereby it is not library qualified by *NLVLIBL or *SYSTEM.

Regards, Chuck

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