"libraries": Specifies one or more libraries that you want to add to *or replace* _the library list_ of the server job; List of server libraries, separated by _commas_ or _spaces_; default: "*LIBL"; When you do not use *LIBL, the specified libraries *replace* the current library list of the server job;

I was not aware of the implied behavior as noted in the last statement above about *replace*.
As far as I know, the comma-separated list is used to prepend the list with a single comma, to effect the *replace*. See also:
7. Library property specified, _list starts with a comma_; System Naming: No default schema, all libraries on list searched, list replaces job's library list.

As such, I suggest trying to replace the current attempt:

IMO the documentation is very poor. I find it disturbing that something as simple as the concept of a library list, is described in a JDBC FAQ as "complicated." Implying that the "behavior of library lists on an i5/OS system is quite complicated." To me, the complication is in their poor implementation and *very vague* documentation. So unclear, they have to have a long entry in a separate FAQ document; http://www-03.ibm.com/systems/i/software/toolbox/faqjdbc.html Even more disturbing, is that the FAQ is basically just a repeat of the already poorly worded documentation.

I would open a defect issue with your service provider. Given the stated results, the "libraries" property appears not to work as it is documented: "When you do not use *LIBL, the specified libraries replace the current library list of the server job." If that quoted documentation is correct, then the traced results should not show any ADDLIBLE errors, because the implementation should be, instead of any ADDLIBLE activity, one request to:

Regards, Chuck

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