David is right on here. Read the license agreement to make sure your use of the code covered by the agreement. In most cases, if you are using the code internally, you don't have any issues.

For something like jt400, the IBM Public License gives you fairly broad rights to redistribute the jt400 code. For me, I usually just a=include a link to the jt400 so it can be downloaded, rather than including the jt400.jar in my distributions. You can, however, package it any way you like.

If you have modified the actual jt400 source code itself, the IBM Public license allows you to redistribute those changes without being required to contribute your changes to the jt400 team.

As for your own code, you can chose to distribute it however you want. David's recommendation to engage an IP attorney to protect your IP as well as make sure you aren't infringing on others is a good, but expensive, recommendation. In the case of you using JT400 for a DB connection in your application, you don't have to make any mention of that in your source code or give credit to the jt400 team (unless you want to).

Pete Helgren

Ashish Kulkarni wrote:
Is there some place where i can get information about
what i need to add in my source code, when using open
source projects,
For example if i am using JT400, which is open source,
do i have to add anything to all my java source.
Is there any website or some thing for help



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