But that's just a code fragment. If you want to compile something it has
to be a Java class. That's why you are getting the error message that
the compiler expects to see the keyword "class" or "interface".


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Here's the exact code, straight from Infocenter:
// // Example that reads an existing server spooled file. // // This
source is an example of IBM Toolbox for Java "PrintObjectInputStream".
try{ byte[] buf = new byte[2048];
int bytesRead; AS400 sys = new AS400();
SpooledFile splf = new SpooledFile( sys, // AS400
"MICR", //
splf name 17,
// splf number
"QPRTJOB", // job name
"QUSER", // job user
"020791" ); // job number
// open the spooled file for reading and get the input
stream to // read from it. InputStream in =
splf.getInputStream(null); do {
// read up to buf.length bytes of raw spool data into
// our buffer. The actual bytes read will be returned.
// The data will be a binary printer data stream
that is the // contents of the spooled file.
bytesRead = in.read( buf ); if(
bytesRead != -1 ) { // process
the spooled file data. System.out.println(
"Read " + bytesRead + " bytes" ); } }
while( bytesRead != -1 ); in.close(); }
catch( Exception e ) { // exception }I know
the Navigator interface isn't the preferred choice, but WDSc
won't load on my old Gateway at home.

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