Thank you, Tamas!

That is great stuff. I wish my days had 48 hours each to have time to look into this.

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Hi All,

I have to heartily second this opinion. Having done several
moderately sized systems in Swing I find that I rather enjoy working
with it as a GUI methodology. But there is a definite learning curve
while you learn to "think Swing", but once you're there you can
implement powerful interface features in a reusable way quite easily.
(Of course it's also possible that the complexity simply appeals to my
inner geek...)

When I started working with Swing I spent quite a bit of time looking
for best practices information and ended up licensing a tool/library/
template thing called Swing Suite from JGoodies (
). It's more complicated than a simple "Hello, World" type example
but it really helped me organize my own projects in a rational way.
Because Swing doesn't impose any particular structure on your
application there are many, many ways to skin the proverbial cat. I'm
sure there are other great examples or approaches that work very well;
this just happens to be the one that I found when I was in need.

Also, I would strongly recommend looking at a GUI builder tool for
interface construction rather than coding that stuff by hand. I
personally swear by a product called JFormDesigner (
) because it's IDE-neutral and produces plain old Java code as its
final output. Oh, and it works really well, too.


On 8-Feb-2008, at 11:18 AM, olsonw@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

Swing can be very powerful if used correctly; I personally prefer it
may other GUI toolkits. Unfortunately, most people don't use it

If you understand the MVC deign pattern (which Swing uses
and think of your GUIs as a collection of containers within
Swing can make perfect sense, and can make some excellent interfaces.


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