Hi MichaelH,

As Luis implies in his response, there is Not Enough Information. I'll add that Something Is Different. Either

A) one or both of your code sets do something different than the other programs that use the class.

B) The issue always exists, but the timing of these two brings it to the fore.

Is the "Excel building class" something developed in-house or somewhere else? There may be some indication in the documentation about locking, either on the file itself or some commonly used object. Without information, no one can provide more than guesses, which is often a waste of everyone's time. .

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Any suggestions on how to get around the issue with "resource busy"?

We have two programs that run back to back that use the same Excel
building class. Seems the second job in ties things up for these two.
There are many other jobs that run during the day that use the class just
fine. Other jobs use the same IFS folder as well. Just these two seem to
butt heads each morning.

> "java.io.FileNotFoundException: Resource busy. <- last compiled

Resource busy indicates a lock on the IFS file or directory. The "not
found" is a little misleading. It wasn't found (assuming it really
because it wasn't able to look for it in the path because of "resource

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