I am trying to show a "processing the page, please wait" page after a search
is initiated.  I have a form on the main page that has search criteria.
When this form is submitted, the action is to  a servlet.  The servlet adds
a flag to the sessions object and displays the page again with a message
"Processing the search" in the body of the page.  The "Processing" words are
enclosed in another form.  This form is submitted automatically by using
onLoad= in the BODY tag.

When I run this on a windows machine, all works well.  When I move it to the
400 and run it, the initial page is displayed.  When I submit the search
form, the "Processing" is shown for a second, then a blank page is
displayed.  Nothing occurs after that.  Apparently, there is a problem with
the 400 processing the onLoad= in the BODY tag.

Dows anyone have any other suggestions and/or comments?


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