• Subject: Re: Command or api to copy a domino database?
  • From: "Jeffrey Silberberg" <jsilberberg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2000 11:33:57 -0500

        Sorry I don't understand your question.  David as I understood the post, was looking for the way to create a duplicate copy of a NSF on the server as a backup or duplicate to make changes to going forward.  If you just do a simple copy like a CRTDUPOBJ you do not change the Replica Id and therefore you do not create a new unique NSF on the server.  Using the New Copy function does create a new Replica Id and therefore a new unique object.  I believe the API function I referenced would also do the same thing for him.. 
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Subject: Re: Command or api to copy a domino database?

why do you rule out Dominos LEI and /or DECS replication functions?

Replication sequence numbers are important part of the process, I thought.

At 10:02 AM 11/29/2000 -0500, Jeffrey Silberberg wrote:

If you just do a dos link copy of the NS you do not create a new replica Id so you can get into a lot of trouble. What you really need to do is use the New Copy function. From a Workspace, it would be;

a.) Click on the Icon
b.) File / Database / New Copy
Server = A / B
Title = Change Name to Identify New Object
File Name = Change Name to Identify New Object..
c.) Click "OK"
d.) Review ACL for old and new NSF..

Or you can look at using the C API toolkit which has a NSFDbCreateAndCopy which I beleive will do the same thing... Not sure where, Maybe ServerAdmin, but I think I have seen a version of this around in a form that you could have a CLP submit a Domino Csl command to make this happen..

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Subject: Command or api to copy a domino database?


I have need to copy a domino database on the AS/400 (within a CL or RPG program) so that it's replication id is different.

Does anyone know of a way to do this? A command or API would be fine.




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