On 01/13/11 4:42 PM, Don Cavaiani wrote:

We are on 405cd, heavily modified (40-45% mods), and have lately
developed some awesome Browser based add-ons using LANSA for the WEB.

The problem is that we heavily use the BPCS database, and will soon need
a new Power IBM i server to handle all the transactions. Of course, to
get the new IBM O/S to work at V6 or V7, we will have to ante up and
re-instate Maintenance with Infor for three years!

This is Infor's remedy to moving to a new machine? 3 years of maintenance? Don, your first step should be to get your company to contact a lawyer and go over your paperwork.

People need to realize that Infor just throws a number out there hoping the customer will think it's their only remedy. When the opposing lawyer points out why this is not allowed or is unreasonable, Infor will amazingly become much more reasonable with what they need.

And why would you want to continue business with a company that would treat your company that way? Time to interview other ERP vendors. Since your so heavily modified, the upgrade from 405 to 8 would be almost as much work as just moving to a different solution.

I would hope that any company that continues to do business with Infor would learn from these stories and make sure that their sales contract is written so that the machine can be moved at any time, the machine can be upgraded at any time, and the ownership of the company can be changed at any time and there will be no money collected by Infor as a result.


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