I think I understand the situation. No one is stealing software, No one
is asking for upgrades they haven't paid maintenance for.

No. If you bought the VHS Video of Star Wars you should be allowed to
play it on your new DVD / VHS Player without an additional charge. You
bought the movie once. The movie has not changed I just want to play it
on my new player. The user wants to use the software he has already
purchased. No upgrades, No BMRS, No support needed, he just wants to use
the software he purchased years ago on his new computer.

The user is tired of rebuying the same Star Wars movie inorder to watch it
again. The user doesn't even receive a new copy of the movie. It has not
been updated with new sound or color.

This is not a new discussion. This is never a good way to retain
customers and influence friends. The fees are resented by the customers
that don't desire the Blue Ray but are force to pay for it.

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What do you mean they no longer support nor update? We just upgraded from

405CD to LX.
Not only that, but since we have maintenance we got their SUPPORT when we
migrated 405CD from V5R4 to V6R1 (granted I had to severely flog them).
We also generate BMR's and apply BMR's they publish to fix issues.
I use their website to get assistance with issues I may have.

What is your definition of "no longer support nor update"?

Ok, maybe that last paragraph was a little harsh. Would this be a better
comparison; Since I purchased "Star Wars" on video cassette quite some
time ago should the studio provide me (free of charge) a Blue Ray version
of "Star Wars", with all the Blue Ray additional features, just so that I
can upgrade my player from videocassette to Blue Ray?

Rob Berendt

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