If there are records inside members named after work stations that are not
currently doing the work that would use those members, depending on how they
exited from the work, BPCS could think that the work is in the middle of

Sometimes there is a conflict between Billing & someone updating an order
that was in today's shipping & an end user panics & abnormally terminates the
task.  Now BPCS thinks it is in the middle of the job & the user thinks
something different.  If you think the work really is completed, I think it
pays to check out corrupted data areas for reset & also to clean out these
work members.

DeeDee.Virgei@nelsonstud.com writes:

> 1. The workstation members in the BBH/BBL are created in 4.05 CD during
>  regular billing (BIL500).  The members are cleared when you first enter the
>  program and when you complete the program.  If someone starts billing
>  order(s) through BIL500 then changes their minds (exits out of this
>  then these members will contain the order(s); shouldn't do any harm because
>  the members are cleared when someone at that workstation enters the program
>  again.

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