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    I have a microsoft intellimouse v1.1a ps/2 compatible that I use the
actual wheel on.  What I had to do was add the ZAxismapping 4  5 line to my
pointer definition in XF86Config(view Attached HTML setup howto from SuSE
install) and then after logging in and kde is fully up and running I issue the
imwheel -k command to start the service and it just works, I think it may have
something to do with SuSEs inwheel config file as it explicitly states
interpertations for wheel events in xterm.  Here is the xterm listing from
Alt_L,          Up,        Shift_R|Page_Up
Alt_L,          Down,    Shift_R|Page_Down
Shift_L,        Down,    Shift_L|1
    Ideally this startup command goes in the .xinitrc file by the start sum
stuff section in order to autostart after login.  I have attached both my
imwheelrc and the setup.html files for review also.  I atempted to use my
wheel in Ximian gnome 1.4's filemanager nautilus without luck, I don't
normally use gnome so I am unaware of special config type issues that may be
necessary but I made no config changes to KDE in order to get this to work, it
is all controlled by the XF86Config and imwheelrc files.
    If there is anything else I can help you with let me know
Scott Klement wrote:

What are you using for your wheel?  Or does KDE2 do that natively?
(I'm running gnome)
I use the imwheel program to handle my mouse wheel, and it works GREAT...
I can configure it to do whatever I like...
On Fri, 28 Sep 2001, Duane Kehoe wrote:

    I am writing to again praise the glories of TN5250.  Today I finally
got my wheelmouse to use the wheel as a scrolling device in my
windowmanager KDE2.2.1(something I always wanted but could never get to
correctly work) just like in that other OS that most of the world uses
by default and I was greeted with a wonderful surprise.  While inside a
multipaged screen on an AS400 session(such as wrksplf or wrkactjob) I
nudged the wheel on accident and found that the scrolling is interperted
as pageup/pagedown to the emulator and the view is changed accordingly.
 While this is not an intended feature, it really only works due to
xterm's support of the wheel, I think it is an exciting one, even CA
does not do scrolling through pages with the wheel.  We finally have one
up on those Win/CA users :-P .
    While none of you may care about this I just thought I would share
it please don't flame me, thanks

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# IMWheel Configuration file ($HOME/.imwheelrc)
# (C)Jon Atkins <>
# Generated by imwheel
# Any extra comments will be lost on reconfiguration
# However order will be maintained
# Order!  ORDER, I SAY!!

None,           Down,   F
Shift_L,        Down,   3
None,           Up,             B

None,           Up,     Shift_L|Page_Up
None,           Down,   Shift_L|Page_Down

None,           Up,     Shift_L|Page_Up
None,           Down,   Shift_L|Page_Down

Alt_L,          Up,             Alt_L|Page_Up
Alt_L,          Down,   Alt_L|Page_Down

Alt_L,          Up,             Shift_R|Page_Up
Alt_L,          Down,   Shift_R|Page_Down
Shift_L,        Down,   Shift_L|1

Shift_L,        Down,   Down,                           7,      1000,   1000
Shift_L,        Up,             Up,                                     7,      
1000,   1000

Alt_L,          Down,   Alt_L|Right
Alt_L,          Up,             Alt_L|Left

"xv grab"

# These are the defaults, but note that the defaults for the right side of the
# keyboard are still handled within the program, unless you add the
# combinations desired here. (except for the None modifier of course!)
None,                                                   Up,             Page_Up
None,                                                   Down,   Page_Down
Shift_L,                                                Up,             Up
Shift_L,                                                Down,   Down
        Control_L,                              Up,             Page_Up,        
        Control_L,                              Down,   Page_Down,      2
Shift_L|Control_L,                              Up,             Page_Up,        
Shift_L|Control_L,                              Down,   Page_Down,      5
                  Alt_L,                Up,             Left,           10
                  Alt_L,                Down,   Right,          10
Shift_L|          Alt_L,                Up,             Left
Shift_L|          Alt_L,                Down,   Right
        Control_L|Alt_L,                Up,             Left.           20
        Control_L|Alt_L,                Down,   Right.          20
Shift_L|Control_L|Alt_L,                Up,             Left,           50
Shift_L|Control_L|Alt_L,                Down,   Right,          50

[ Converted text/html to text/plain ]

Intelli Mouse with Wheel

Support knowledgebase (lmarks_imwheel_setup)

Applies to

SuSE Linux: Version 6.2, 6.3
XFree86: Version 3.3.2
Intelli Mouse with Wheel


You have a ps/2 like mouse with a wheel and whish to use the wheel scrolling
function in X-Windows programs.


Versions 6.2

The Imwheel package is not part SuSE of version 6.2 or below. You will
therefore have to down load it from the following site:
Do a search for "imwheel" and grab the latest version in rpm format.

Note: This package has been tested with SuSE version 6.2 . It may work with
earlier versions, but there is no guarantee. ;)

Now you may go to YaST and install this package.

Run YaST
select Choose/Install packages
select Install Packages
choose "Directory" for source
enter in the path for the imwheel package
mark with an "X" and continue installation

Now that that the Imwheel package has been installed, its time to configure

Since it would be repetative to describe what has already been detailed in the
package documentation, we will not describe configuration here.

Please review carefully the /usr/doc/imwheel-0.*.*/README file. You can either
print it or view it using the "less" command.

Version 6.3 or higher

The Imwheel package is part of SuSE version 6.3 or higher. If you have
installed the standard packages, then this package has already been installed.

You can check to see if it has been instaled by typing the commnad:

                  bash# rpm -q imwheel

The output should look somewaht like this

                  lmarks@artemis:~% rpm -q imwheel


If it is not installed then follow the instructions below.

Run YaST
select "Choose/Install Packages"
select "Change/Create Configuration"
select series "ap"
mark "Imwheel" with an 'X'
press twice
select Start Installation
Exit completely out of YaST.

Now that that the Imwheel package has been installed, its time to configure

All that you need to do is edit your /etc/XF86Config file. Using an editor of
your choice, I recommend pico, edit the /etc/XF86Config file and add the
folloing line to the "Pointer" section.

                  ZAxisMapping            4 5

        ex:       Section "Pointer"
                  Protocol              "IMPS/2"
                  Device                "/dev/psaux"
                  SampleRate            60
                  BaudRate              1200
                  ZAxisMapping          4    5
                  Buttons               3

Now start or restart xwindows and run the command "imwheel". If this works
correctly then you may whish to add a line to your ~/.xinitrc file in the
"start some stuff" section.

        ex:       #
                  #   start some stuff
                    imwheel &

Please review carefully the /usr/doc/packages/imwheel/README file. You can
either print it or view it using the "less" command.

ex: bash# less /usr/doc/packages/imwheel/README

Keywords: WHEEL[1], INTELLI[2], MOUSE[3], IMPS2[4], IMPS/2[5], IMWHEEL[6],

SDB-lmarks_imwheel_setup, Copyright SuSE GmbH[9], Nürnberg, Germany - Version:
01. Dez 1999
SuSE GmbH[10] - Last generated: 23. Mai 2000 by lmarks (sdb_gen 1.20.0)

İİReferences:İĞ 1. keylist.WHEEL.html
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