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Joe Pluta wrote:
What you won't get frmo JEE, though, is the WebSphere Test Environment.
I haven't tried debugging in Eclipse JEE, but I know that debugging in
WTE is the easiest web development I've ever done. You can breakpoint
straight through from JSF to servlet, and it's all very easy to use.

I use Tomcat instead of WAS, but, as I recall it, the debugging with
Eclipse Ganymede is the same as with RDI-SOA. Eclipse builds a server
configuration in the local workspace, and runs the local server using
that. The result is amazingly easy to use, and doesn't corrupt the local
server, which can then be used as a separate QA environment (at least
that's what I do with it.) In additional to Tomcat servers, Eclipse
Ganymede supports something called a "Basic" server, WAS 6.0, JBoss,
Jonas and Oracle web servers, and provides downloadable adapters for
Pramati, Geronimo 1.0 - 2.1 (I assume that's an ancient version of
Tomcat???), GlassFish 5 and 6, Jetty, SAP NetWeaver and WASCE 1.1.x - 2.1.

Of course, you need to supply the installed server application, but
that's pretty easy with Tomcat, and a quick search on the web turns up
sources where you can supposedly download WAS 6 as well. No idea if
there are gotchas or not.

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Pete Hall
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